A Real Estate Strategy for Everyone

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Each buyer’s strategy is a little different based on the individual needs of the buyer. My team and I make a point to get a thorough understanding of each buyer’s initial needs and we continually help to develop and define their actual needs throughout the buying process. Here’s a general overview of the strategy we take and the areas we can help the buyers:

  • Initial meeting with the buyer to thoroughly evaluate the personal, financial, occupational, and geographic needs of the buyer
  • Tweak and define the actual needs and wants of buyers after several showings
  • Advise and provide resources for the entire buying process, including:
    • Negotiating the offer
    • Mortgage
    • Inspectors
    • Insurance
    • Title work
  • General counsel/advice on buying
  • Strategize, negotiate, and research information about property when the buyer is ready to make an offer
  • Help to put the buyer in the ideal position for a fruitful transaction.

Over time, I’ve found that many of my clients become friends, and many of my friends become clients! It’s important for me that I know my buyers well and to make sure that my buyers feel comfortable during each step of the process.


Every home and every seller is different and because of this, I take the steps to create a custom marketing plan for each home. Here is a general overview of our initial marketing steps:


  • Listing information overview: guidelines to listing your home
  • Your Comparative Marketing Analysis
  • Pricing strategy, timing strategy, and other variables
  • Home walk through, home staging support, presentation suggestions and ideas
  • (Optional) Have a pre-sale home inspection – be proactive and make repairs now!
  • (Optional) Get replacement estimates on mechanicals
  • Go over showing instructions and walk through the process from listing to end

Print Advertising

  • Street advertising in Max Broock Birmingham office
  • Marketing brochures, disclosures, and listing tickets placed in your home
  • Postcards printed and mailed to 200 neighbors

Internet Advertising

Buzz Marketing

  • Broker open houses to other agents
  • Public open houses as desired