Dear Friends

Hour photo resized 2 x 2Dear Friends,

My real estate career has allowed me to blend many different aspects of my life —the geography of where I’ve lived, community involvement, my technical background, and my interior design and money saving skills. Searching for and researching the finer things at the best value has led me to this point in my life where I love to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with clients and friends.

When I joined Max Broock in 2007, I had no idea how things were going to go. I loved houses, people and interior design. At the time, the economy was bad —and only going to get worse for the next few years. At the beginning, I often wondered “…What am I doing?”. I accepted the challenge to become successful in a floundering economy and was determined to do my best. The result was being named “Rookie of the Year” in 2008. The following years —and up to the present— I have maintained the status of top producer. I represent buyers and sellers of luxury properties; and also their children who are buying starter homes, their parents who are in the midst of downsizing, and many types of people and properties in between. I have sold over $50,000,000 worth of properties since then.

I have “walked the walk” in the world of real estate. Over the last 30 years, my husband and I have made dozens of home purchases of our own, including rental properties and vacation homes, mostly personal residences in which we handled hefty renovations. All of these purchases were for our personal use and never considered “flips”. On a couple of occasions, buyers sought us out and made offers to buy our home, one or two of which we couldn’t refuse. All in all, I have been involved in over 30 personal transactions.

Long before I became a realtor, I learned what made a good agent and what made a bad agent. Anticipating the many questions people might ask, and knowing what questions people should ask is a skill acquired mainly through experience! I can provide good advice beyond that of real estate, be it resources for trades, furniture, decorating and design, great apps for your phone or a good local restaurant!

I pride myself on my extensive contacts and networking abilities resulting from years of career achievements, community involvement, as well as friendships extending near and far. I believe my success in real estate is founded on several things. First, a vast network of clients, friends, business associates, design and real estate professionals. Second, my ability to listen and really hear what buyers and sellers want. Third, the trust I build with my clients by keeping their best interest as my number one priority. But my best work is done often behind the scenes. The negotiating aspect of this business is vital, often fragile, usually ongoing, and very, very real. I have a win/win attitude and work hard to make sure everyone is treated fairly. To that end, I work hard and keep open communication by staying available by phone, email, text, and most importantly, face to face.

One of my very favorite parts of being a realtor is this: My friends become clients AND my clients become friends.