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10 Things You Might Not Know About Kate

  1. Kate attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapid MI
  2. She appeared on Oprah’s America’s Smartest Shoppers in 1994
  3. Kate has two children – Jeff and Sara. They are millennials.
  4. She took interior design classes at Michigan State University
  5. Kate has hosted close to 80 trips to North Carolina’s furniture capital of the world
  6. She had LASIK eye surgery in 1999
  7. Her favorite color is red – and you can usually find some shade of this on her lips
  8. She play tennis, golf, and bridge and likes bike riding (when she has time!)
  9. Red wine is her favorite way to end the day
  10. Rumor has it that she can be quite bossyquote picture 10 things
  11. (BONUS!) She snores like a walrus