Private Listings

Also known as a “pocket listing” or a “whisper listing”, some realtors have clients, friends or business associates who might want to sell their home, but don’t necessarily want to advertise it on the MLS. They will often tell their realtor….. “if you have anyone who wants a house like mine, we’d consider selling”….. The properties could range from multi-million dollar estates, to smaller homes, to vacant land or anything in between.  If you’re a seller like this, Just Call Kate and talk to her about the possibility of a pocket listing. She keeps your property in her head (or in her secret resource file) and will mention it discreetly to her other buyers or other agents who may have buyers interested in a property like yours.

Conversely, there are Buyers who say. . . “if a house ever comes up in this [particular] neighborhood, please let me know because that is exactly where we want to live!”. . . . If you’re a buyer who hasn’t been able to find the right house on the MLS, or Zillow, or, Just Call Kate……. She may just have the perfect pocket listing in her secret resource file.

Kate has had great success pairing Buyers and Sellers together – on properties that never even made it to the MLS! Because of her vast contacts and skillful match-making, she has been able to put together some amazing deals.

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